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Can you still be a single platform developer?

When I joined my current company two years ago, I joined specifically as a Winforms developer. At that time the company had seperate Winforms, Web and Service teams within the development department. Within a year this had changed into one cross functional team working on various projects, so I am now exposed to more web programming (ASP.NET 2.0/3.5)  than I expected.

This is definitely a good thing and although I have struggled with some of the challenges of working with a stateless model I am getting to grips with writing the code and getting my ideas out there. I feel a more rounded developer and a more useful team member.

But I was thinking today about if people are still ‘web only’ or ‘winforms’ only developers I think even as little as two years ago that may have been the case. Now I am not sure that you can afford to be. Or if you are, you’re much better off on the web side of the fence. That said, I can never imagine telling a current or prospective employer that I would not be willing to work on a technology even in good times.

I suspect the answer is, and this is from no scientific reasoning and a few Stella’s, that while you still can be a single platform developer, you probably shouldn’t be. The Pragmatic Programmer tells us to learn a new language every year, with the amount of new technology that comes from Microsoft every year perhaps you may just need to learn a new platform.


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